The William Allitt School

The William Allitt School

Learning Without Limits

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is designed to develop the intellectual, social and creative skills and attributes of all our students so that they leave us as confident, articulate and successful global citizens, ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Our vision is for all of our students, regardless of background and circumstance, to make outstanding progress and achieve outcomes which will open the door to aspirational destinations. We want our students to be curious and develop a thirst for knowledge; we want them to be resilient and to value effort; we want them to understand that sometimes failure is an essential part of the learning process and to recognise that developing a positive attitude will help them to set and achieve these goals.

Ofsted rated our ‘Quality of Education’ as Good, noting that: ‘The curriculum is ambitious and designed to give all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), the knowledge they need to succeed in life.’ (Ofsted 2022)

Learning bridges age barriers: we work with our primary schools to ensure smooth and effective transition to our school, and with Post-16 providers to ensure students have a positive move to their next stage of education or training; through the RISE assessment framework we develop students’ metacognitive and evaluative skills to build their own learning skills for life; all staff train and work together to learn more about our roles and how to perform them better, including taking part in research projects related to our roles; we include members of the community, of all ages, in our learning activities whenever we can.

Learning crosses geographical barriers: knowing that our students will take their part in a global community, we offer opportunities to travel to other countries as well as experience different settings in the UK; our curriculum educates students well in understanding other cultures and British values so that they can take part positively and successfully in the communities they will inhabit; the school building offers a physical space for learning, including sessions before and after school; we offer a wide range of on-line learning opportunities to enable learning to continue outside of the school building as each student is provided with a personal laptop.


Learning overcomes curriculum restrictions: we offer a curriculum with a strong foundation in traditional GCSEs, alongside a wide vocational offer, including the Arts; our innovative RISE curriculum links learning and vital skills for being safe and understanding the world; a wide range of extra-curricular activities offers different and new skills outside of the school day; high quality, award winning embedded careers education, the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, community projects and charity work further develop the vital wider skills that workplaces value and students need for success.

The school operates a 3 year KS3 and a 2 year KS4.

For any questions regarding our curriculum please call us on 01283 216404

Our school departments consist of the following subjects:

  • Communications
    • English
    • Media
    • Languages
  • Creative
    • Art
    • Dance
    • Drama
    • Design & Technology
    • Food
    • Music
    • PE
  • Enterprise and Humanities
    • Business
    • Citizenship
    • (Religious Education is included in our RISE curriculum alongside Citizenship, Relationship and Sex Education, PSHE and Careers)
    • Geography
    • History
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Engineering
    • Child Development
    • Construction
    • Computer Science
    • Engineering
    • Health and Social Care
    • ICT
    • Science

Key Stage 3

At KS3 students follow a broad and balanced curriculum where there is a focus on skills and
developing students as independent learners. Students are taught in mixed ability groups
for most subjects, with some setting taking place in core subjects.
Students study English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Languages, Geography, Religious
Studies, Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education, Design Technology and ICT. More
detailed information about each subject is available on this web site and on the DfE website:
The school follows the national curriculum and there is an
emphasis on ensuring that students are well prepared for the wide variety of KS4 courses
that are available to them.

Key Stage 4

Our KS4 curriculum provides students with a core curriculum of English, Mathematics,
Science, Physical Education, RE and Citizenship as part of our Enterprise. Most students will
study for GCSEs in English, English Literature, Mathematics, Double and Triple Science.

Pathway Subjects represent opportunities for parents and their children to make choices about the future. The world outside school is changing very rapidly. When making choices it is important that you and your child bear in mind that a broad, balanced and varied curriculum offers the best foundation for a successful future.

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